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Detroit's Bankruptcy

Detroit was integrated as a city in 1815 and spent the decades leading up to the Civil War as the final U.S. stop on the Underground Railroad. During this early time period, the city had started to become known as the manufacturer of cigars and kitchen ranges. However, in 1896 the city started to become known for its automobiles and soon adopted the nickname "Motor City." This shift in recognition was influenced by a farmer's son, Henry Ford. The first Ford vehicle was built in Detroit. After building cars, Ford later devised the moving assembly line. In the early 20th century, many companies soon emerged in the city looking to find success in the new automobile industry during World War II. Factories that used to build and produce cars were used to churn out weapons for Allied Powers. The production edge that was manufactured helped to win the war.






How we got here

On July 18, 2013, the city of Detroit officially filed for chapter 9 bankruptcy, which is the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in American history in terms of debt. Kevyn Orr was appointed as the Emergency Manager of Detroit by Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder.Orr estimated  the city's debt to be between 18-20 billion dollars. 

About Detroit
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